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Capturing Hearts | Changing Lives

Capturing Hearts | Changing Lives

Blueprint meaning

& the journey I take people on

For me, the legend of the Phoenix is a metaphor of life. Like the legend of the Phoenix that is burnt to ashes, it undergoes the healing and transformative processes to rebuild and reclaim its true, authentic self.  Each time with renewed, bolstering strength and resilience, with increased intelligence and resolute, majestically, to transcend higher each time…

“Rising from the ashes, you spread your wings to fly! Transformed, Beautiful and Victorious, Soar up to the sky! …”

The Symbolism

of the Phoenix itself represents:

  • The Empress – Power from Heaven, loyalty, honesty, transformation, immortality, rebirth & resurrection.
  • From Darkness into Light, immortal Soul, healing and helping.

The meaning of the Phoenix Emblem and the different elements’ representation:

  • The outer circle of the wings, represent: Completion, fulfilment, continuity, unity & oneness, gentleness & peace.
  • The inner oval formed by the wings:  Incubation, evolution, growth, re-birth and new beginnings.
  • The diamond: Refers to the “encrusted Diamond within” that we all are – as we come from the Light, The Divine – faceted, unique, strength, purity, & love – to be re-born and to shine;
  • 3-Triangulars forming the tail: Foundational forces of impact on our programming and conditioning:  Our parents & caregivers;  our religious & spiritual exposure;  and societal influences and conditioning.

Interesting beliefs:

  • The mythical Dragon and Phoenix symbolise the perfect couple in Feng Shui (Chinese): The Dragon is “yang” – the male/ masculine energy, while the Phoenix is “Yin” – the female/feminine energy. They complement each other in creating a perfect a yin-yan balance to harvest successful matrimonial bliss.  
  • The Phoenix bird symbolises immortality, resurrections, and life after death. In ancient Greek and Egyptian Mythology, it is associated with the son God. According to the Greeks, the bird lives in Arabia, near a cool well.

Squares and circles

on the blueprint:

The Outer Square:

  • Centre of the land surface of the world, where the Ka’abah/ Qiblah is situated in Makkah, Saudi Arabia – (
  • Representative of the Qiblah (Ka’abah) – “House of God” – Place of Worship in Makkah, a major part in Islamic Pilgrimage.
  • Represents our obligations out of love for the Divine and supreme honour to go there.

Squares represent:

  • Rules;  Order;  Laws; Regulations; Structure.
  • Balance; Logic; Stability; Solidity;  Trust; & Groundedness.
  • From a Chinese perspective: It represents “Mother Earth” & it’s conductive powers – Yang Energy – Male/Masculine energy.


  • Infinity;  Eternity;  Wholeness;  Oneness/ Monotheistic.
  • Coming Full Circle;  Fulfilled;  Perfection;  Unity;  Flow;  Continuity.
  • Harmony; Integrity.
  • Safe, gentle, pleasant, graceful, calm, peaceful, relaxation.
  • In Chinese – Heaven;  Metal Element – Yin Energy – Female/ Feminine Energy.

The journey

I take people on

From the point of a person fostering their desire to heal their lives, I take them through numerous Hypnotherapy processes to heal their inner-most being.  In doing so, we not only heal the psychological and emotional trauma, but we also release the toxicity these experiences have caused from within the physical cells, through breathing and visualisation techniques.

Once the necessary healing has taken place and release of possible years of toxicity, mentally, emotionally and physically, we then move toward re-inventing the person from within.   By combining NLP & Neuro-Semantic processes with Hypnosis, the effects of creating new neuro-pathways, new ways of thinking, believing, quickens the path to personal transformation and growth.

Once the person has reached these levels of healing and transformation, most are at a place where they are ready to “Soar” to greater heights of personal development and Self-Actualisation.  This all comes combined with Spiritual Awakening and evolving to higher levels of Self-Transcendence and Self-Mastery towards the Divine.

In seeking nearness to the Divine and our purpose in life, comes the Desire for Spiritual Knowledge and Mystic Wisdom.  These can only be achieved through sincere desire, commitment, curiosity and self-discipline.

All this being said, our Values will come into play.  Our morals and principles as a way of life.  Once these Values (as placed in the outer circle) are established, it leads to Spiritual Reformation & Moral Regeneration.  Taking this further, to positively contribute to life and leaving a legacy behind, giving us unique Purpose, we Dialogue and Discuss with Compassion & with the intent to Educate and continually work towards Personal Development & to Soar to greater heights.

 Leaving behind a better world, with evolved, consciously expanding Souls and a positive legacy, where we capture hearts and change lives.

 Where our outer landscape, is a peaceful, pleasant reflection of our inner-landscape.

As within, so without.

Self Empowerment

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Discover the 'Pearls of Wisdom" hidden in your wounds & create a new life!

- TDr. Aadila Pretorious

Self Empowerment

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Discover the 'Pearls of Wisdom" hidden in your wounds & create a new life!

- TDr. Aadila Pretorious

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